According to conventional wisdom, arthritis pain is an inevitable part of aging. Not so, says Dr. Grant Cooper in this practical, accessible guide. For those who do develop osteoarthritic conditions, this book offers a blend of commonsense advice, dietary info, targeted exercise, and tips on useful supplements. According to the author, sufferers can often entirely avoid the use of medication, injection therapy, and surgery – approaches that, when necessary, can be used as an opportunity to return to exercise and nutrition to slow the disease’s progress. The book features easy, illustrated exercises, including aerobics and strength training, that can be done at home, at a gym, or under a trainer’s or physical therapist’s supervision. Nutritional and supplement strategies – including glucosamine and fish oil – are presented in detail, along with suggestions for ways to keep on track. Dr. Cooper not only explores each topic in depth but explains how it fits into an overall holistic treatment program.

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