For the more than 40 million Americans living with the physical challenges of arthritis, daily activities can be difficult. The Arthritis Foundation’s newest book, Tips for Good Living With Arthritis, offers handy tips for safely and smartly tackling those challenges, from doing laundry to gardening to working at the computer. Written in a snappy, concise tip format, the book also gives hints on handling pain, fatigue, stress and dieting. Tips for Good Living with Arthritis includes:

Smart hints on dealing with household chores

Tips for travel, holiday time, and shopping at the mall

Easy ways to zap pain using items around your house

Quick advice on busting stress and getting your sleep A companion piece to the Arthritis Foundation’s new “Good Living” series of books, Tips for Good Living With Arthritis stresses self-management as the key to achieving better overall feeling with arthritis. The book shows how to take control of their pain and enjoy life.

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