Unlike difficult and monotonous cleanses that go on forever and require practitioners to consume nothing but the same fruits or odd liquid concoctions, the programs in Raw Food Cleanse offer easy ways to reap the benefits of a cleansing diet with none of the dietary drawbacks. The author shows how replacing cooked and processed food with a variety of live, natural treats produces innumerable health benefits – weight loss, clear skin, boundless energy, and much more. But the idea is not to get the reader to go raw forever: Raw Food Cleanse presents fulfilling and delicious routines that rejuvenate the body and create a healthy and more slender physique in a matter of days – featured cleanse programs include a three-day energy boost, a seven-day rejuvenation, a 14-day deep detox, and a 28-day “total reset.” The author also includes over 75 tasty raw food recipes like her Mexican fiesta platter of jalapeƱo corn chips, spicy salsa, and creamy guacamole.

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