arthritis back pain relief
Does glucosamine help relieve back pain caused by osteoarthritis?

Most creams to relieve pain, etc. target muscles rather than nerves that are affected by osteoarthritis. I heard that glucosamine may be useful in treating arthritis. I do not seek a cure, just pain. I am currently taking high doses of ibuprofen, which can cause liver damage. I prefer take something that attacks the source of the problem. Has anyone taken glucosamine and had positive results in relieving back pain?

Yes with chondrontin melee with him, he will help arthritic pain and is much healthier than ibuprofen. You may want to get off the ibuprofen for some time because he does not long lasting results. Aleve has naproxin in it and very helpful. I am concerned that you say osteoarthritis, but you relieve the nerve pain? OA usually causes severe joint pain. So if you feel pain, nerve and you should see your doctor, because you may have ruptured or herniated disc.

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