arthritis diet
The weight gain with medication Exssesive cons rheumatoid arthritis?

I have to take several different medications for my condition, rheumatoid arthritis. I follow a diet, because weight gain is associated with most of these drugs. I gained 3 stone weight even if I'm on a diet, I follow strichtly. This in turn aggrevates my condition because I have to wear the extra weight. Has anyone the same problem and how did you solve this problem. Are there any specific arrangements or advice that could help me.

My grandmother grappling with this problem with medication as well. If you can do an exercise weight-bearing or non-exercise lightweight account that would be useful. But I understand that the condition limits his self now. Swimming or water aerobics is a good thing.

Arthritis dissappears on a raw diet. Joel share his story is songs and a llittle impromtu dancing

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