arthritis cure

Arthritis or rheumatism was once associated with old age, but the sad truth is that arthritis affects men and women, children and (young) adults. About 60% of Americans with arthritis are women! Arthritis in simple terms can be defined as inflammation joint (s), period.

Can be cured of arthritis? Well, the answer is yes, but it depends the individual, because everyone could meet the same treatment of arthritis.

Here are some ways to arthritis can be cured:

1) Herbal Remedies

Herbs are ideal to treat arthritis and more and more people are beginning to appreciate the effectiveness of these remedies. Some herbs known to cure arthritis:

Devil’s Claw: Yes, the name seems rather odd, but this plant is used to treat several health conditions that cause swelling and pain. Arthritis can be processed using the Devil’s Claw.

Healing Chinese Soup: Chinese soups are very comforting and are known to have healing powers.

Noni Juice: This juice is made from the noni plant that grows in the South Pacific. This plant is known to many as a “miracle cure” because it is used to treat many conditions such as weight loss, diabetes, asthma, pain relief and arthritis. This juice is also known to reduce the symptoms of cancer, stroke and fibromyalgia.

White Willow Bark: This plant has been used since time immemorial to reduce fever and swelling. This plant is known as an aspirin natural (the real McCoy).

2) Take a bath in the Dead Sea

The water of the Dead Sea known cure for arthritis, and studies have shown that healing can take up to three months. The Dead Sea contains lots of potassium, which is known for its curative properties especially in the treatment of arthritis. The ocean is too well known for its anti-arthritic Well that is because the ocean contains potassium which is the same concentration as blood.

3) Natural Cure for Arthritis

Eat lots of vegetables: when you take vegetable juice mixed with carrot, cucumber and beets will be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. Green salad and fresh lemon juice, cooked vegetables such as pumpkin, coriander, ginger, turmeric and asafetida will benefit the welfare of the joints.

heat therapy ultrasound: Arthritis can be treated with therapy heat ultrasound because ultrasound energy heats the painful area (s) then gradually penetrate into the body to reach the inner tissue. Ligaments and muscle tissue respond well to this treatment, this treatment is known to provide long-lasting relief.

Diet: Those suffering from arthritis should maintain a diet low in protein, milk or dairy products, and polyunsaturated oils should also be avoided. An increased intake of fatty acids, flaxseed, omega-3 and nuts will help find people with Arthritis Relief.

Changing lifestyle: eat fruits such as oranges, papayas, apples and grapes may help in treating arthritis. Go easy on tea, sugar, chocolate, spicy foods, fried foods and yogurt in a word, a change in your lifestyle can really help you find relief from arthritis.