Does the weather affect arthritis?

A report published today via Mornings@ANC suggests that the weather has no impact on Arthritis.

“Assuming cold weather does affect arthritis or make it worse, then those in the tropics should not be affected by arthritis as much as those who live in temperate countries,” said Dr. Emmanuel Asedillo, orthopedic surgeon at The Medical City

“Recent studies conducted in Northern Argentina and South Florida dealt with older people and found out that there’s no correlation with the weather. They think it’s mostly because of the change in humidity, and change in pressure,” he added.

Steve’s Health Answers Comment:

There are many types of arthritis with varying causes and yes, quite a few of these will not be affected by the weather. But this is not true for all.

My father in law flew back from a lengthy cruise around the Caribbean. Within a couple of days, he was complaining that his knee pain had returned. He did not have this at all during his cruise. He has found that it is the damp that makes his condition worse. Another frequently reported complaint for people with knee replacements is that they get stiffer and more painful during the winter months.

Damp as much as cold seems to be a trigger for certain types of arthritis. Chinese medicine also gives some very interesting pointers. Fundamentally, China is split into the cold north which is close to the Himalayas and the warmer South. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) found that patients in the north and south developed complaints specific to their region. TCM also came up with a range of solutions to help with these regional complaints. A quick flick through some TCM material seems to suggest that a greater number of arthritis solutions were seen in the colder, damper regions. When you think that TCM has at least 5000 years of practice behind this, it speaks volumes!