Scientist claim to have discovered a mechanism that triggers conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. They identified a “Switch” that seems to trigger the condition.

The team of researchers based at London’s Imperial College, have discovered a protein, IRF5, that tells the immune system to switch on inflammation. When present, macrophages, a key part of your immune defence mechanism attack cells and cause inflammation.

With this condition it seems that IRF5 is produced when it is not needed causing an overreaction. Their lead researcher, Irina Udalovasaid, was quoted by the Daily Express as saying “This is really exciting”

With Rheumatoid arthritis, this overreaction causes the body to attack health cells and joints causing pain and swelling.  For most people, the immune system is better balanced and doesn’t cause inflammation except in response to genuine damage and attack.

Most forms of Arthritis are caused by either wear & tear or inflammation. There are a wide range of conditions such as alkalizing spondylosis, Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis that are thought to be linked to overreaction. This research holds out the potential of another route to reduce these conditions

Steve’s Health Answer Comments

This research does point to the underlying mechanism that causes inflammation

The real challenge is developing this type of research into potential treatments & drugs. The real worry is that this would find a way to depress the production or maybe neutralise this protein in your body. Getting the balance right is everything. This is effectively a messenger that tells specialised cells to attack foreign invaders. It is however a normal process in your body as well. The chances are that this sort of treatment would suppress your immune system similar to the drugs used for transplant patients. It may be possible to reduce the amount of inflammation, but this would require careful tuning over time.

This also gets into the debate about treating symptoms vs. the causes of arthritis. If doesn’t fix what is causing this protein to be produced in the first place. It is simply blocking the process of inflammation. A better approach would be to tackle the underlying cause.

However, all is not lost. It is already possible to help reduce if not fix most types of rheumatoid arthritis (and other inflammatory types) through the use of Immune Modulators. These are substances that seem to normalise immune system responses. Ironically, they are almost all natural foods. There is a lot of evidence that the root cause of these problems including Asthma is a dietary deficiency. Before anyone gets upset, this is due to modern farming methods and vital nutrients that simply are not in our food any more.

You absolutely have to supplement your diet to get these. Interestingly, there are also foods that trigger or worsen inflammation such as the deadly nightshade family, think potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, etc. Supplementation can even reduce the impact of these triggers, but removing these has frequently been shown to radically reduce symptoms for suffers.

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