Osteoarthritis and depressionIt may not come as a surprise to many sufferers, but a new study has confirmed that the severe pain that can be associated with osteoarthris (wear & tear) has a severe impact on the sufferers state of mind.

About 2 thirds of people with chronic pain bought on by Arthritis said that it stops them leading a normal life

Arthritis Care, a UK charity, said that Doctors neglect the emotional impact bought about by this condition.

It found that 68% of sufferers feel depressed. In addition 80% are tired, with over half saying they felt weak and helpless.

More women said they felt depressed when th pain was at it worst.

Young people under 34 were most likely to stay at home and not lead a normal social life.

75% said the pain stops them sleeping, and 30 % thought that it prevents having an intimate relationship.

Steve’s Health Answers Comment

Although there are many forms of Arthritis, my experience has been that there are many natural approaches to releiving, if not eradicating Arthritis. Many of these work better than drugs and without the serious and often life threatening side effects.

A great many of these approaches are detailed on this site. There are effective ways of regenerating joints damaged by wear and tear conditions as well as reducing inflammation for Rheumatoid type conditions