Hip and knee arthritisA patient has successfully sued for negligence caused by a failure to diagnose her condition. Basically she endured pain for more than 2 years longer than necessary due to a failure to see the signs of arthritis on an x-ray.

Mrs “B” was awarded £14,000 to compensate for pain and mobility issues that she endured. Oroginally she saw her doctor in December 2006 with pain in her hip and knees. She was then referred for an x-ray. The resuls suggested that there was nothing wrong. After continuing to suffer pain and problems with walking, she was eventually referred to a knee specialist and hip specialist nearly 2 years later. THis time around the diagnosis was that she had arthritis. Shortly afterwards she received a successful hip replacement. The x-ray taken in December 2006 was re-examined and showed that the condition was present and that she should have received the operation earlier.