A unfortunate fact of life is that our joints get stiffer for every decade that we live. Our bodies are under almost constant assult from a wide range of sources and these stresses are often reflected in our joints and tendons. We have all seen older people who struggle to move and others whose are stooped over. These conditions are viscous circles where they actually accelerate the deterioration of your body. If you want to stay health, you absolutely need to do some form of mobility exercises.

There are many underlying causes of this stiffness this range from inflammation, arterial sludge in our arteries from the toxins in our diets, poor alignment and a general lack of exercises. Out tendons which joint our bones to our muscles are often neglected as traditional exercises doesn’t give these a second thought. However, if you maintain these, you can enjoy far greater flexibility into old age.

I have taught a range of Asian health care and self defense systems for many years. One of the constant surprises is just how effective these can be in helping serious joint and health problems. One of my students who is over 70 originally came to the class scarcely being able to bend at all. In under 6 months, he has restored his flexibility to the point where he can now nearly touch his toes, something that he had not been able to do in over 10 years despite other forms of exercise. This is not a one off event either, it crops up with regularity.

These oriental health systems have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. However, many of them are complex and take a long time to learn, even if you can find someone willing to teach you.

I have recently captured the core mobility exercises into a very compact sequence that can be practiced in around 5 minutes even if your mobility is very limited.

For more details, please see www.chinesemobilitysecrets.com