Margarine is bad for your healthIn a word, NO!

In recent years so called “health experts” and doctors have blammed saturated fats as the culprit for many modern diseases in particularly heart problems. Margerine has been promoted as being healthier than butter as it is lower in saturated fats.

However, this is very misleading.

All fats are not created equally…..

Many of the fats in our diet are man made. For instance margarine is made by heating rapeseed oil to around 700 degrees to break down its structure. However, the end result is something that is not fit for human consumption. The molecule is actually closer to that of plastic than a foodstuff. There are at 2 major by products from this process:

  • Hydrogenated fats / Trans fatty acids – Both of these are extremely bad for your health. Your body cannot break these substances down as extreme heats is needed to do this. They are know to increase the risk of heart disease and potentially create arterial sludge which contributes to joint problems.
  • Heavy metal contamination. The catalyst used in the chemical reaction to break down the oil contaminates the resulting margarine. During the second world war, they relaxed the limits for contamination so that margarine could be used instead of butter. They basically knew it was unsafe, but decided to “revise” the limit to make up for food shortages.

Harvard medical school determined that margarine was 5 times worse for your heart than butter, but commercial interests have been perpetuating the myth about margarine and health for many years. The Americian Medical Association has in the last few years changed their advice for heart patients. They have finally relented and admitted that you should steer clear of margarine and use butter instead.

Perhaps the last work should go to the Hunza. These are a race of people near Tibet who live a very hard life in a country with some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. However, they have been shown by many studies to be the longest lived race with average lifespans over 100. The really interesting thing is their diet. It consists almost entirely of Animal by products rich in saturated fats from their animals……

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