The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is the body supposidly responsible for protecting the public in relation to drugs and food products. It has now produced new guidence that would give it the power to ban any supplement from sale in the US even if the product had a long term safety record. It would become judge, jury and executioner with no effective right of appeal.

The NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) draft guidance was recently issued to 2 senators who have a long term record of helping promote the use of safe, natural supplements for improving health. They have written back to the FDA to ask i to reword this draft


The FDA has long been accused of being biased towards large pharmaceutical companies and has often allowed dangerous new drugs onto the market whilst simultaniously banning or attacking natural supplements. Many of its staff have direct links to drugs companies questioning its nutrality and ability to act in the best interests of the public.

President Obama was well aware of the FDA’s reputation and promosed to sort it out when he was elected President. Unfortunately, he has failed to act on this when he was elected and the FDA still seems to be carrying on as usual. Hopefull this latest attack on natural products will end up in the trash can where it belongs.



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