If your joints are feeling stiff, you may need some of this. Its not unusual to feel slighly stiff after sitting down for a while or after a good nights sleep. Generally, our flexibility and circulation is linked to movement. During the night your body literally contracts. After getting up and moving around for a while this normally wears off.

However, assuming that you haven’t had a really hard exercise session the night before, stiffness that persists can be both annoying and painful. Stiffness is generally related to circulation and stretching can rapidly getting your blood flowing to your joints and help to restore movement.

If you regularly suffer from stiff joints, one of the best ways of reducing stiffness is through supplements that improve your circulation. There are a number of approaches, but Omega 3 has been shown in hundreds of studies to be one of the most effective. Omega 3 is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to minimise inflammation which decreases your circulation.

There are many different Omega 3 supplements and all of the major supermarkets and health shops will sell this. Ideally you want to find a brand that is guaranteed to be free from contamination from mercury and other toxic products. It is worth paying slighly more to get a healthier supplement!