One of the real worries about aging is the fear of losing our mental faculties. Some degree of age related decline is fairly common and some unfortunate souls have to contend with Alzheimer’s and the like. There are some great ways to keep your brain sharper as we get old

However, there are a surprising number of ways to counter any decline and indeed potential reverse these. It is absolutely set in stone that you can keep your mind in fine order. There are many popular methods such as crosswords and other mental puzzles. These help as they fire up your mind and help keep your brain cells growing. This is a process called “Dendritic growth”.

This is triggered best by a combination of being interested in something coupled with a feeling of frustration. Ever tried to learn the Piano or remember learning to drive? It starts as being incredibly challenging, but eventually sinks in

This frustration actually triggers dendritic growth and locks the lessons into your brain. This experience triggers more growth as your brain struggles to cope with the overload and adapt.

A number of years ago, I came across a set of CD’s that claimed to be able to quickly produce the same experiences and effects that seasoned meditators reached after many years of consistent practice. It turns out that there are a number of these systems around and there is a lot of scientific evidence to back up their claims

These systems work by playing two tones, one of which is at a slightly different pitch. When played into your ears in stereo, this causes a strange effect called “entrainment”. This is where your brain locks to the difference between the 2 frequencies

Your brain is a bit like a computer in that it has its own clock, but unlike a computer this runs at different speeds depending on what you are doing.

There are 5 states:


  • Delta. This is normally found in very deep sleep or a comatose state. Growth hormone is produced at this level and it has a healing effect on your body.
  • Theta. This is the level associated with typical sleep and lucid dreaming.
  • Alpha. This is a very relaxed, but awake state often associated with enhanced states of learning and problem solving.
  • Beta. This is your typical wide awake state where you mind is engaged in problem solving. It is also linked with stress. At the lower levels, you are relaxed and not stressed.
  • Gamma. This is the least researched and newest level. Your brain runs at a much higher frequency and this seems to be linked to problem solving and intuitive insights into difficult problems. Some researchers think this is a mode where your brain can process huge amounts of information and find answers to problems by shifting through the vast amounts of information in your subconscious mind which is thousands of times more powerful than your conscious mind.

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