Using Entrainment to help your brain developDuring waking hours, our brain spends a lot of time in the Beta frequency range which is associated with concentration and the logical side of your brain. Conversely during the night your brain spend more time in the Theta state with some time at Delta which is where growth hormone is produced which helps to repair your body.

The lower frequencies are linked to the stimulation of the brain and its growth as well. There are many stories about mediators being more relaxed and ageing better than most people. The production of growth hormone slows as we age and is definitely responsible for many of the side effects of ageing. It is also only associated with very deep sleep which is only typically achieved for an hour or so each night.

These entrainment techniques have great value as they can induce very deep states of relaxation in a short period of time and produce as much growth hormone as a good night’s sleep.

There are also a whole range of other useful effects. The stimulation of the brain triggers “Dendritic growth” just like learning to drive or some other challenging activity. This is key to helping your brain to stay in shape. The great thing is that you are creating this effect in a way which seems to boost your ability to learn. Some research has suggested that this goes beyond new growth and actually triggers the brain to reorganise itself in new configurations that can handle pretty much everything that you can throw at it. It seems that your brain reorganises itself based around the stresses and pressures already in your environment,. The end result is that it can then handle these much more easily.

Another side effect is that stress literally seems to disappear and you don’t get wound up by the things that bothered you previously. This is without any medications and expensive therapists…..

Some of these techniques are little short of miraculous and it is fairly shocking that they are not more widely known.

In the next article, I will take a look at some of the tools out there and let you have my thoughts as I have tried plenty of these in the past before settling on my favourites!

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