Find out about the causes and fixes for clicking jointsClicking joints is a very common health problem that goes largely unnoticed by the medical profession. Over the years, I have had more enquiries about this than any other joint problem.

It is a difficult condition to diagnose accurately. Medicine tends to ignore the condition until it becomes fairly serious and the standard treatments are either pain killers or worse still, surgery. As ever the underlying causes are ignored and the treatment focuses on the symptoms. Its fair to say that there are dozens of natural ways to help your joints once you have understood why you have the problem.

I can only help a limited number of people in the the flesh, so decided to put together a set of tele-seminars to cover the major areas in detail and provide details of the many natural approaches to deal with this.

My new tele-seminar series will be held over a period of 5 weeks to provide the most information ever assembled about clicking joints.

If you haven’t participated in a tele-seminar before, you basically just need to telephone (or Skype). You dial it just before the start and take notes. There will also be the opportunity to submit questions via email.

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