Does Arthritis only affect you when you are old?

There are many myths, misunderstandings and half truths about arthritis. One of the most popular of these is that only the elderly get arthritis. This is untrue in a number of ways.

Firstly, it’s not only the elderly who get arthritis. It can apply to anyone from infant’s right through to people over 100 depending on the type of arthritis. Juvenile Arthritis is a form of Rheumatoid arthritis than strikes children under 18. There are suggestions that this is getting more common. Athletes are more prone to wear and tear or Osteoarthritis. There are now athletes having knee and hip replacements in their early 40’s simply because their exercise has overtaxed their joints.

Arthritis is also not an inevitable feature of aging. Depending on the study, around 30-40 percent of people over 70 suffer from Arthritis, but the majority do not and even for sufferers the symptoms do not occur all of the time. The doomsayers are definitely wrong and by taking good care of yourself, you can minimise the chances of your being in that 40%!





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