Do cats causes rheumaoid arthritis??New research has indicated that scratches from your cat or dog may be causing rheumatoid arthritis according to work undertaken by the North Carolina State University.

It seems a simple scratch may be enough for you to get infected with a bacteria that has been linked to this condition.

Bartonella is a that is maintained in nature by fleas, ticks and other biting insects. It can be transmitted to humans both by these parasites as well as by bites or scratches from infected cats and dogs. *

The University checked the blood from 296 patients looking for the Bartonella bacteria. The researcher were looking to see if these patients had were infected with this particular bacteria.

Out of 296 subjects, as many as 62 percent showed antibodies to this bacteria.

“Based upon this one study we can’t definitively say that a subset of rheumatoid illnesses have an infectious origin. However, our results thus far do implicate Bartonella as a factor in at least some cases.” *

This does suggest that treatments designed to kill this bacteria may bring relief to at least some rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Steve’s Health Answer Comment:

Infections have been suspected for many years as being one cause of inflammation which can trigger Arthritis. Another common factor are parasites which can also trigger inflammation. Antibiotics are commonly used to treat theses types of infections. However, there are also many natural approaches to this ranging from Homeopathy through to treatments such as colloidal silver.

It may be best to avoid getting scratched by your pet in the first place so that you don’t pick up these infections.

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