A new study shows proof that copper stops arthritis painMany people wear copper bracelets to ease or stop their joint pains. Interestingly, most of these people will swear to the effectiveness of this.

However, this has often been regarded as an old wives tale or just a placebo effect. However, this is now starting to change following a personal effort by a leading professor of medicine.

Albert Singer who is Emeritus Professor of Gynaecological research at London’s Whittington Hospital discovered first hand how well copper worked. He tried copper insoles in his shoes and was impressed by how well these worked for him.

He has recently used this to setup a trial for 230 arthritis sufferers. They were all given these copper insoles and reported a staggering 96% reported improvements in their symptoms!

The Professor was suffering from arthritis is his knees and feet. He was at his Orthotics appointment when a female patient mentioned how copper inserts have stopped the pain from her arthritis. He then discussed this with the doctor who said that many patients thought these helped their arthritis.

It is thought this works as many people are deficient in copper which is a trace element. By placing this next to your feet, it would appear that small amounts of copper are absorbed through the skin.

A study is being carried out by the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital. If this shows the same results, then there will be proof at last that Copper really does ease arthritis pain without the risks associated with expensive drugs.

Alternative health practitioners have often promoted that diet and mineral deficiency have a key role in arthritis and this very much shows that optimal nutrition may be key to avoiding arthritis. Copper insoles are readily available from Copper Healers. Please see http://www.theoriginalcopperheeler.com/