Can caster oil ease arthritis pain?Castor Oil has a long history of medicinal use and has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to treat many ailments. This also includes Arthritis and joint pain where it has been taken orally as well as applied locally to the joint. Surprisingly there are almost no studies into its effectiveness . However, when you think that a study may cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and also that drugs companies can’t patent natural products, this probably explains the lack of research.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can be very effective. But it does pay to be cautious about using caster oil particularly if swallowed. Ricin is a potent posion that has cropped up in at least one terrorist plot over the last few years. It is fatal if swalled or ingested and there is no known antidote. What is Ricin made from? The pulp from the castor seeds.

Effectively, it is obtained from the residue left over from manufacturing castor oil. This is one of the reasons for avoiding cheap products where they may be qestion marks over the production processes and whether the oil has become contaminated. Castor oil has been used for long periods of time and is generally considered safe as long as you obtain it from reputable sources.

It is worth saying that it does have many side effects particularly in that it can cause irritation and nausea. It is much better for topical use rather than being ingestion.  Although it has been used to help constipation and speed child birth for pregnant women, it is almost always accompanied by sickness.

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