Some simple tips to help stop your clicking joints1. Make sure that you are properly hydrated.

Adults are around 60% water and even minor drops in this level affect your wellbeing. The quality of water also makes a difference. Drinking lots of tea and coffee is not the same as water and can make it harder for your body to eliminate toxins. Our lymph systems move waste out of our body, but they need to be well hydrated to work properly. Some authors have written about “sludge” that accumulates in our bodies and joints in particular. Getting a supply of mineral water really helps to clear your system.

2. Check Your Diet

If you suddenly developed clicking joints, there may well be a trigger for this. This is normally either alcohol or a new food that may have triggered an allergy. Try a different wine next time and see if this helps. Also try eliminating any new foods to see if this fixes the problem.

3. Make sure exercise is not causing the problem.

Joint alignment is the key to minimising wear and tear on your joints. If your joints start clicking after starting at the gym or taking up running, you need to have a serious look to see if they are causing these joint problems. Expert help is often needed to get your position just right. Even getting proper trainers can reduce the impact.

4. Reduce acidity in your diet

The western diet is notorious for being acidic. Nature designed us for a diet that was neutral or just slightly alkaline. Your body goes into overdrive when it becomes acidic and tries to grab calcium and minerals from any source.  It literally leaches these minerals from your bones. The result? Brittle bones and joint problems. Some health gurus have also linked this to many of today’s biggest killers such as cancer.

5. Get at least some exercise

Your lymph system needs movement as much as water to work properly. Sitting at a desk all day and in front of the TV at night is not enough to make your lymph system work effectively. As a minimum you need to get some form of gentle exercise. This helps your body to flush out these waste products and boost your health.

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