One of the most surprising modern health hazards is water fluoridation.

Fluoride has long been linked to many health problems including brittle bones, bone pain, arthritis, cancer, eye problem, discolouration of the teeth and to top it all off, it has been proven in study after study to make no difference to your teeth.

Recent reductions in fillings and overall dental health have been shown to be caused by improved dental hygiene and have nothing to do with Fluoride being added to drinking water. Two different studies in Europe showed that fluoride made no difference, whilst better hygiene did. In fact, some experts have suggested that in the long run, Fluoride slows the calcification process which maintains your teeth. This suggests that it actually accelerates dental decay over a long period of time.

It has long been implicated as a cause of arthritis and bone fractures. Basically, it is best not to drink tap water which has been fluoridated and either use bottled mineral water or a proper filtration system.

There have been a number of books written about fluoride which make alarming reading on a par with many conspiracy thrillers. Unfortunately in this case, the story is all too real.

Fluoride is a by product of producing chlorine and is expensive to dispose of. However, the industry pulled a neat con PR trick and made it out to be good for dental health even though there is 60 years of evidence which says otherwise. In the UK, the water companies where so concerned about being asked to add this to the water supply that they insisted that the Government indemnify them from prosecution before they would do this. Fortunately this never got off the ground.

Dr Kennedy, a vocal opponent of Fluoridation has recently started a campaign to raise awareness of the risks posed by Fluoride and has produced a very interested video which goes into this in more detail.

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