carpal tunnel exercisesWhen a person suffers from carpal tunnel, the median nerve in that controls the controls the movement of the muscles in the hand, and recognizes sensations becomes compressed inside the carpal tunnel. When this occurs, there is a sensation of painful tingling that will appear in the forearm, fingers and the hand. The resulting damage then causes weakness in the ligaments, muscles and the tendons of the hand. While surgery is an option, many people find that carpal tunnel exercises can help to strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and may relieve the condition without the need for surgery.

Before you pull out your hand grips though, you need to understand that many exercises actually can cause this condition to worsen. In some cases, exercises like the use of hand grips, especially if you arch the hand in an L shape when using them, can cause carpal tunnel due to the angle and repetitive motion.

Knowing this, it will be important to turn to Chinese medicine, where a sensible solution can be found. The belief here is that tendons will need to be worked on, to ensure that healthy joints are being maintained. When doing an exercise, you need to find a low impact routine that is free of jarring motions, while it helps to improve the circulation in the body. Spiralling exercises that are found in Tai Chi can actually help you to bring some relief to this condition.

Simple Tai Chi Exercise

If you have mild to moderate carpal tunnel, this exercise can help to deliver some relief. Make sure you stop if you feel an increase in pain.

Begin with your feet at shoulder with and extend your arms forward, placing the top of your right hand, into the palm of your left hand, with the fingers on both spread open. Both hands should be higher than your elbows.

Now, rotate your hands so the palms are facing away from you. Take your arms and then draw them to the sides of your body raised up, so that your body makes a T shape.

At this point, you will then rotate your hands back and then rotate your arms back behind you. When behind you, rotate your hands forward and then move your arms forward in front of you again. Keep repeating this process slowly, until you feel some relief in your wrists.

Carpal tunnel exercises will be essential for helping to treat this painful condition. Keep in mind that there are several different routines you can choose from that can help to reduce the pain and swelling and they may even help you to avoid surgery that could result in the loss of function in your hands.

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