If you are like most runners, you probably do not think twice about where and how you are placing your feet when you run. But take some time to stop and think about what you are doing! Incorrect form can lead to a variety of complications which may ultimately spell the end of your running excursions. The good news is that you can prevent heel pain from running by simply taking steps to correct your form.

When you think about how to prevent heel pain from running, you need to first consider the way you place your feet on the ground. Incorrect form can cause you to over-stride so that your feet land too far ahead of you, a situation known as heel striking. Heel striking can place added stress on your heel and foot, resulting in ultimate knee and foot injury.

  • Give your plantar fascia a good stretch before and after your run.
  • Don’t over-stride. Always make it a point to keep your feet behind your body.
  • Ensure that your feet remain under your hips.
  • When you land, try to land on your mid-foot.
  • Watch your cadence.
  • Run barefoot when running on soft surfaces.
  • Monitor how you are doing.
  • Wear the correct shoes.
  • Make sure that the arch and toe area are stiff.

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