Carpal tunnel hand exercises help reduce and remove symptomsCarpal tunnel hand exercises can be a great help in reducing pain and swelling caused by this condition. There is an underlying curiosity in many people regarding what causes carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, there is frequently concern of why some people suffer with it while others seem to do the same exact things with their wrists and never have problems. The situation describes a compressed median nerve in the carpal tunnel, generally stopped at the wrist area under the transverse carpal ligament.

Other health problems add to the situation, as does patterns of hand use. The muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand are frequently weak, which indicates the need for exercise of some type. What type of exercise is helpful?

Follow Instructions

It is very important to listen as your doctor or practitioner goes over the procedures for carpal tunnel hand exercises. Ask about any points that are not clear, because regular wrist and hand exercises do not relieve numbness and pain. In fact, the exercises you did prior to the diagnosis of carpal tunnel may have caused the condition in the first place. Continuing them will aggravate the situation even further. Avoid using nerve-gliding exercises of your own volition, as they can cause further injury to a trapped median nerve by causing irritation or stretching.

Benefits of Exercise

Important goals of Carpal Tunnel hand exercised used for relieving and healing the situations are:

  • opening the circulation and freeing the median nerve.
  • avoiding jarring motions that aggravate the situation.

Chinese medicine regards the tendons as the key to maintaining healthy joints. Tai Chi exercises encourage the relaxing of forearms, fingers, and wrists with movements similar to floating up and down. Repeat several sets of the same exercise, taking time to relax after each one. It is most important to avoid straining while increasing your flexibility. A gentle stretch softly opens the tissue of your hand, wrist, and arm without pain, releasing any compressed nerves. After completing exercises that focus on opening, another set follows that deals with closing the system.


Exercise is essential to restoring the balance of the body. These spiraling movements are easy to learn so that the healing process begins quickly. As you grow more familiar with the Carpal Tunnel hand exercises, the opening and closing will evolve into a fluid movement that enhances recovery even more.

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