There’s such an industry out there relying on this. Walk into any pharmacy or health food shop. The rows and rows of “natural” therapies coming in powders, creams/ointments, tablets, patches, oils, special teas to brew, etc.  Add to the mix magnetic jewelry to wear, special potions created by the naturopath, and the use of Chinese traditional medicine & Ayurvedic therapies.  Some of these have no scientific basis. Some just don’t work. Some do work in reducing pain in some patients to a limited extent. Some seem to work well for individual patients for reasons that are hard to explain.  Here are some natural arthritis therapies you should live by.

  • Smoking seems to cause disease in some, it leads to more severe disease, and it prevents our treatments working as well.
  • Gout is the most common inflammatory arthritis in our community and reducing the number of drinks would help.
  • Patients rightfully worry about potential side effects of a number of medications rheumatologists use, and they should reduce this risk by reducing the drinking.
  • Timing of eating, composition of foods, avoidance of certain foods help the rheumatic diseases we treat.
  • Exercise.  Your busy daily run-around is not sufficient & you’re not adequately exercising your body with housework or the lifting at work.