Would you be angry if you found out that a simple, cheap, safe and quick way to fix your arthritis, joint pain and stiffness had been deliberately hidden?

41 years ago a Doctor found a way to fix your arthritis is as little as a month – But I bet you have never heard anything about this before!

As long ago as 1972, Dr Max Wolff found why aging triggers the inflammation that causes arthritis, joint pain and many other related conditions.

However, major drugs companies managed to hide his revolutionary arthritis breakthrough.

Dr Wolff’s research discovered that a single enzyme can stop pain.

However, the list of benefits doesn’t end with just turning pain off. It also includes:

  • Reducing swollen joints and stiffness
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Detoxing your blood leading to improved circulation.
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Dissolving scar tissues which further reduces stiff joints and improves your mobility.

Can your arthritis really be improved in a single month?

There are over 80 studies that have been conducted into the effectiveness of this enzyme. One study looked at supplementing people suffering from chronic neck pain. These 30 people showed significantly reduced pain compared to those who took the placebo.

Another similar study looked at a group of people who recently had knee surgery. Compared to the group taking the placebo, These were shown to have a significantly better recovery rate with less swelling and better mobility.

Discover the secret to regenerating your joints

Many health “experts” and doctors tell you that you can’t repair or fixed damaged joints. However, this is just an urban myth and there are volumes of research that prove regeneration is possible.

Their standard advice is to give up your favourite hobbies, take life slower and stop exercising. Guess what? This will make your arthritis worse as it reduces your circulation and makes your lymph system much less efficient. In fact it’s a recipe to age quicker.

Prescription pain killers only add insult to injury. They just mask the symptoms, accelerate the underlying causes of arthritis and worse still, expose you to a whole range of side effects including a raised risk of heart attacks.

You can actually stop arthritis, repair your joints and stop pain without using any dangerous drugs.

This simple discovery by Dr Wolff opens up a far more interesting future where you can banish arthritis and pain.

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