Exercise does a body good. But exercisers need to do their bodies good, too.

Humans owe their mobility to the skeletal system, which boasts more than 300 hinging, rotating, gliding and bending joints. Of these, synovial joints are the most common and offer the most movement. In addition to tendons, ligaments and bursae, cartilage and synovial fluid are keys to maintaining proper—and pain-free—mobility. Made of collagen and elastin, cartilage covers the bones in synovial joints to reduce friction and cushion impact. Synovial fluid absorbs shock, lubricates and nourishes joints, thanks to its viscous hyaluronic acid (HA).

Over time, both structures can become compromised, leaving a painful lasting impression on athletes. But whether seasoned Ironmen or Zumba enthusiasts, active adults can protect their joints’ integrity with natural ingredients that deliver crucial nutrients such as collagen and HA, especially if they start supplementing early.

Whether reducing inflammation, promoting cartilage renewal or reducing pain, natural ingredients can keep joints working smoothly for athletes of all abilities. However, dietary supplement manufacturers must mind science to ensure their customers reach their goals with research-backed compounds and combinations.

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