Once you have experienced an arthritis flare up, you won’t ever forget it.  Arthritis patients sometimes say they are in a “flare”. What clinically defines being in an arthritis flare? What should the patient do when they feel they are in a flare? What possible action would a rheumatologist take to treat a flare?  An arthritis flare up means an increase in symptoms.  Here are some tips for preventing an arthritis flare up.

  • Be Compliant With Your Treatment Plan – Once your doctor has established a treatment regimen for you, stick with the plan. Don’t skip your medications or other treatments.
  • Keep Moving But Pace Your Activities – Doctors recommend that arthritis patients keep moving in order to maintain range-of-motion in their joints and muscle strength. But, at the same time, it is important not to overdo activities.
  • Protect Your Joints – It is important for us not to stress our joints or add extra burden to the mechanics of our joints, especially those already affected by arthritis.
  • Reduce Stress – Stress has a negative impact on arthritis. Just about anyone you know with arthritis will tell you that stress of any kind worsens their arthritis symptoms.
  • Get Enough Rest and Sleep – Getting a decent amount of rest and sleep is important for people with arthritis. We need to rest our bodies even more than the average, healthy human.
  • Stay Away From Foods That Make You Feel Worse – The effect of diet on arthritis has been disputed for years. Some claim there is no direct effect, while others claim certain foods increase inflammation and make arthritis symptoms worse.

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