Hip pain occurs when you overuse the area. The bone changes due to age, tumors, infections and other problems that maybe present at birth. Take note that if you have hip problem you can feel it in knee or thigh. There are different types of hip pain and based on this, the doctor can determine its cause. Pain when resting is caused by less severe reasons. Observe if the pain is not stopping or if it awakes you when you sleep. When you feel pain when you move, it is caused by injury, inflammation and infection. If you feel pain when you stand or walk then the problem is severe. It could be serious joint problem.

There are various treatments for the hip depending on the location and severity of the problem. You can also consider the person’s age, overall health and present activities that he or she is engaged in. First aid applications like brace or cast are applied after an injury to prevent hip problems to get worst. You can also opt for physical therapy and surgery procedure. There are medicines that you can take to alleviate the pain.

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