chlorellaArthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints in the body caused by general wear and tear, infection, injury or autoimmune reaction, during which the immune system mistakenly attacks its own joints. The condition is characterized by pain, swelling and stiffness of joints. Treatment depends on the underlying cause and may involve pain medications, immunosuppressant drugs and corticosteroids, along with healthy diet and exercise. Joint replacement surgery may be prescribed to treat severe cases. Certain natural products such as chlorella may also help manage the condition.

What is Chlorella

Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater alga that is used in Japan to treat a variety of ailments, including cancer, diabetes, anemia, prostatitis, hepatitis and arthritis, and for detoxification. The vitamins B, C and K along with chemicals known as carotenoids and several minerals, including calcium and iron, are responsible for its biological activity. The supplements are available in tablet, liquid extract and powder form and the dosage depends on the age and condition of the patient.

Chlorella and Arthritis

Some animal studies, such as the one published in the July-September 2010 edition of the “International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology,” have revealed that certain peptides of chlorella have shown significant anti-inflammatory activity in laboratory animals. Chlorella may show similar benefits in humans as well and help prevent and treat the inflammation associated with arthritis. Dr. Dhyana Bewicke, author of the book “Chlorella: The Emerald Food,” states that 1 tbsp. of chlorella provides 120 percent of the daily adult requirement of calcium. It may benefit arthritis patients by strengthening joints and bones. According to another study published in the May-June 2001 edition of the journal “Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico,” the phenolic compounds in chlorella extracts possess significant antioxidant activity and help arthritis patients by neutralizing the free radicals that are formed as a result of various metabolic processes in the body. If left alone, the free radicals may interact with the proteins of the joint tissue and weaken them. Chlorella is also a powerful detoxifying agent and helps reduce joint stiffness by removing harmful toxins and chemicals from the body

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