Discover The Simple “Copy & Paste” Formula To Get Lasting Relief From Knee Pain…
Free One Off Live Seminar To Undestand The Causes Of Your Knee Pain And Learn Simple Approaches From Tai Chi To Reduce Or Eliminate Pain
BONUS: A set of flyers breaking down EXACTLY how to improve your knee health…

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Steve Butler

Training Host:

Steve Butler

Live Seminar: 15th September @ 9AM

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Here's What You Will Learn In This Masterclass...

Find out why you get knee pain and how the location of the pain can show you what you are doing wrong.

You’ll learn why you get pain at the side, back and front of your knee AND what you can do about it!

Reprogram your knee
The principles from Tai Chi show how to move naturally and unlearn many years of bad habits. .

Discover this simple alignment that protects your knees and is the secret to stopping pain.

Learn a simple set of exercises from Tai Chi to re-educate your body to move naturally and reduce pain.

Walking up stairs
Many everyday exercises can be difficult if you have knee problems.

Learn how to correct your movements to reduce wear and tear.

Common problems with running, cycling, swimming and stair climbing are covered.

Can your knees be regenerated? Find out about 100’s of studies that show your joints CAN be repaired

Learn which common knee surgery rarely works and American medical insurance will no longer pay for.

Learn about advances in medicine such as stem cells which can help to rebuild cartilidge.

Nutritional supplements
Is it worth taking supplements?

Learn which ones are worth taking and why some well-known supplements rarely work.

Find out where to get the best supplements and why the high street is best avoided.

Bonus: Just For Attending, You'll Receive This Special Set Of Flyers

Knee Pain Cheatsheets

(Value £10.99) - Yours Free

  • Natural alignment summary -
  • A crib sheet of the basic exercises
  • Key Supplements And Where To Get Them
These will help you to remeber and apply the techniques you learn at the masterclass.

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