TV star nearly killed by common pain killer she took for knee pain

Our Take:Ibuprofen has a long list of side effects and is best used only for the short term.
These side effects include Asthma, Tinnitus and causing Pain…!

Unfortunately all of the stronger pain killers have side effects. These either tend to be Opiates with the addition risk or COX2 inhibitors which carry many health risks. The great irony is that although the COX 2 enzyme is linked to pain, it is also responsible for activating the healing process in your knees. If you turn this off, your knees stop healing and this leads to a rapid downward spiral. It has been said that the side effects of COS 2 drugs are worse than the condition it is trying to treat, so its best to look for alternatives.

Judy Finnigan ‘vomited blood and almost died’ after taking ibuprofen for knee pain – The Sun

JUDY Finnigan has revealed she vomited blood and came within 30 minutes of death after taking ibuprofen to help soothe her knee pain. The former presenter, 70, says she almost bled to death after the over-the-counter drug caused her to develop four large stomach ulcers. She had been taking the common drug for four weeks when once of the ulcers ruptured directly above a main artery.

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